What is Talkbl ?

Talkbl is a place where people talk to each other. You can find anyone to talk about anything. Whether you are happy or sad, serious or playful, you'll find someone to share your feelings. You choose a topic to talk about and we'll find you a partner to talk to.

Do you require email to register ?

No, email is not required and you will be able to talk without giving us your email. Some of the features will be locked, however, until you add it.

There are many other chat websites. How are you different ?

We have designed talkbl to fulfill human need for communication. Communication which is safe, reliable, communication which satisfies interests and reduces pain of not being able to discuss what bothers you with a person. There are plenty of services out there which facilitate exchange of information, but communication is not only an exchange of information. It is more about emotions, than information. We do our best to help people find and talk to each other.

I have a problem which i'd like to discuss. But i am afraid to talk about it with anyone i know. What should i do?

First of all you are not alone with your problem. We all have problems. And we all had times when we had no-one to help. Sometimes the best way to discuss a problem is to talk to a complete stranger. That is why we have "Incognito" mode which connects people without disclosing their web identity.

What is "Incognito" mode ?

This mode allows talking with a person without knowing his username. Talks in "Incognito" mode are not displayed anywhere in interface.

May i find a partner talking in another language ?

Yes, to change your communication language go to Profile page and select the language you desire.

Is this a dating site ?

Talkb is about talking to other people. It hasn't been specifically designed as a dating website: we do not require users to provide real names and personal details so you cannot really search for some person based on sex, age or marital status.

How to contact you ?

To contact us please use the contact form which can be found after you log in or email us at support@talkbl.com